Welcome to my personal page!

Hey👋 I'm Nancy Guo. My name in Chinese is 郭雅欣.
I’m first year phd BME student at NYU.
You can find me on Twitter.
Know more about my research on my Google Scholar.

My research interest

My research includes computational neuroscience, machine learning, deep learning and its application in neuroscience and health care.


I was born and raised in China. I came to the US for graduate school at the Statistics department at Fordham University. I worked with Dr. Mengjie Huang and Dr. Robert Wharton. After graduating,I became a research scientist at Stevens working with Dr. Feng Liu. At Salk, I was a research assistant working on a fantastic project called Neuro-AI modeling. In this fall, I start my Phd at NYU.


I have a very cute bunny called Stats (the short-hand of Statistics).